Vocational education or skill based education are in certain disciplines which enables students to acquire skills which are traditionally non-academic and totally related to specific trade, occupation or vocation. Career and Technical Education (CTE) or vocational Education and Training (VET) as they directly develop expertise in a particular group of techniques or technology through manual or practical activities. Vocational courses are primarily designed in such a way that they impart a thorough application-based study wherein theoretical concepts of a field are not studied independently but are subordinated to the understanding of techno-operational aspects of specific job. Understanding the changing needs of the world that today every company is looking for specialist and skill based employees. Vocational education and training (VET) has a key economic function in up-skilling and integrating young people into the labour market and in providing high quality technical skills.


Technical and Vocational Education plays a vital role in human resource development of the country by creating skilled manpower, enhancing industrial productivity and improving the quality of life. The term Technical Education and Vocational Training are sometimes used synonymously. However, as per present practice, the term TE refers to post secondary courses of study and practical training aimed at preparation of technicians to work as supervisory staff. The term VT refers to lower level education and training for the population of skilled or semi-skilled workers in various trades and it does not enhance their level with respect to general education.


The main agencies involved in TVET policy formulation and its implementation include:

Central Government

  • National Skills Development Council
  • Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • Department of School Education and Literacy (for TVET programmes in senior secondary schools)
  • Department of Higher Education (for Technical Education)
  • Ministry of Labour and Employment , Directorate General of Employment and Training (for Vocational Training)
  • There are some other 20 Central Ministries and Departments which have running some small TVET programmes

State Government

  • Directorate of Technical Education

Private Sector

  • NGOs