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OM INSTITUTE OF VOCATIONAL EDUCATION & TRAINING promotes job oriented, work related, skill-based and life coping education so as to develop new standards in the field of education especially the implementation of job oriented programs all over the country and to facilitate the reach of education to unreachable.

OIVET is an academically independent self-financed autonomous certification body offering various industry integrated professional, vocational & job oriented diplomas & certification courses like Business Management, Hotel Management, Fire-Safety, Teaching, IT, Technical & Vocational and Other Job oriented courses through regular, online and distance learning mode. View more


Need of Vocational Training in India

The Central and State Governments of India were making considerable efforts to enhance skills of the youth, but there is huge gap between demand and supply of the skilled workforce. India is 2nd largest populated country in the world and 1st fast growing economy in the world. India is a young country having 60% of population below 35 yrs. of age (average), this is its work force. India need for 700 million skilled workers by 2022. However, presently only 2% of the total workforce is undergone skill training. This clearly indicates that most of our population is under skilled and therefore unemployed.

Dearth of formal vocational education, lack of vide variation quality, high school dropout rates, inadequate skill training capacity, negative perception towards skilling, and lack of industry ready skills even in processional courses are the major cause of poor skill levels of India’s workforce.

India has great opportunity to meet the future demand of work force of the world. India can become the worldwide skilled workforce source in next decade. Skilled workforce will be the key to “Make in India”, Government would need to step in both by providing funds and incentives to encourage organisations to welcome training and trained candidates into their workforce. This can especially help small and medium firms to include a compulsory training programme. Huge numbers of youth, who may be without formal college education, can train in vocational skills that can help get them employment.

The vocationalization provides for diversification of educational opportunities so as to enhance individual employability, reduce the mismatch between demand and supply of skilled manpower. Read More


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