Private Policy

The heart and soul of the Privacy Policy of prestigious Om Institute Of Vocational Education & Training (OIVET) is to keep all information related with its all associated people and institutions (Indian and foreign) strictly confidential in order to respect and preserve the due privacy and dignity of them all. The associated institutions could be its academic and industrial contacts, educational alliances and other entities and institutes supporting its educational and vocational courses and industrial training programmes. Every member of our fast-progressing and responsible institution is dedicated to follow its privacy policy rigorously excepting some cases like governmental or legal ordinances and so on.

To meet our above-mentioned objectives, the following main measures have been taken by our punctilious institution:

  • All personal/private information and academic documents relating to above-noted categories of people and institutions are not made open or disclosed to any third party or any outside person.
  • All emails, short messages or information, inquisitive queries, informational enquiries, educational guidance, faxes, letters, etc. sent ever to the institution through telephonic or electronic (using internet or information technology devices) means are made inaccessible to any third party or unauthorized person/official.
  • All pieces of information related with educational and other fees, financial transactions, administrative or institutional processes, personal/official discussions, etc. are also strictly maintained confidential by the institution.